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Adopted in 2018

In December 2017 Jen found a tiny kitten named Bop in a shelter, having nearly died from hypothermia after his eyes were surgically removed, then he was soaked by his overturned water bowl.  A week later we realized that his brother Boop was still at the shelter, so we brought him home too.  We spent 6 months dealing with various medical issues, including one more eye surgery for Bop, three surgeries for Boop, and a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease for Bop, for which he needs daily medication.  We had planned to get them adopted, but after six months we realized they were already part of the family.  

They're both wonderfully affectionate, curious, brave little guys.  People often ask about how Bop manages without eyes, or say they feel sorry for him.  No need - he's probably the happiest member of our family.  He jumps up and down from tables, chairs, 7 foot high shelves (incrementally, not all at once).  Some visitors will spend quite a while in our house, with Bop scampering around and smelling their shoes, standing up to smell their clothes, before they realize he can't see.

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