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Dora was our first foster fail.  She and her siblings were rescued from a storm drain, then ended up in foster with us.  Dora became extremely attached to both of our adult cats at the time, but especially Nero.  Her brothers were adopted together, but we couldn't let her go.


Senior Faculty (Kitten Expert)

We adopted Pokey in 2012.  He was our first single foster kitten, and he quickly made himself part of the family.

To learn more about Pokey, check out these links...

The Dodo


Cole and Marmalade


Senior Faculty

Hagrid was our first adult adoption.  Despite being unbelievably gentle and friendly, he spent over a year in a rural shelter in Maryland, where we found him while picking up cats for our rescue organization.


Junior Faculty

We started fostering these two brothers in December 2017, and finally adopted them in July 2018.  Bop had his eyes surgically removed as a kitten, and Boop needed several surgeries to save his.  We thought we were a three cat family for many years, but these two changed our minds!

To learn more about these guys, check out this profile by LoveMeow.


Teaching Assistant

We started fostering Augustus and his brother Hadrian in December 2022.  Sadly, Hadrian died when he was only a few months old.  Gus has had some serious health challenges, including very limited vision and major surgery to remove a kidney.  But through it all he has been consistently playful, cuddly, and good with all the other feline family members.  We decided to permanently adopt him in September 2023.


Faculty Emeritus (2001-2012)

Jen adopted Nero and Azzy (brothers) as kittens.  Nero is probably more responsible than anyone for all of the fostering (and foster failing) we've done over the past decade.  Dora instantly fell in love with him, and when we saw the two of them cuddling constantly we were hooked.  Both on Dora and on fostering generally.


Faculty Emeritus (2001-2016)

Azzy was never as excited about kittens as Nero, but he was always gentle and patient.  And he became Dora's favorite snuggle buddy.  Both Nero and Azzy were remarkably friendly, truly memorable cats.

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